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‘Janet is an amazing coach with a wealth of experience and a gentle, reassuring style that evidences her empathy, compassion and warmth.  I was privileged to have Janet as my group leader for two modules of the Generative Coaching programme run by Steve Gilligan and Robert Dilts in 2015-16.  What I most valued about Janet was her capacity to be fully with me in my learning journey – walking side by side with me and partnering with me in my  exploration and growth as well as providing encouragement and gentle challenge.  By her commitment and dedication to the role of team leader and her diligence in offering respectful observations on the practical and written course components, she created a climate of safety and acceptance that is seldom experienced in large group programmes.

I felt personally respected, supported, ‘held’, affirmed and inspired to experience Generative Coaching at its most compelling by Janet’s skilled interventions.  Janet also has a delightful sense of humour that ensures that deep thinking is balanced by plenty of lightness, laughter and enjoyment.  Would I recommend Janet as a course group leader?  Absolutely – I have not had better support on a course ever – her style and input ensured an excellent  programme became an outstanding personal learning experience.’ Sheena Bailey


"Janet's quiet and intelligent style helped me resolve some particular issues. I'm sure her approach is appropriate for both personal and work-related development. A coach who truly effects changeA.Todd - London 


"Janet is a powerhouse and makes tough jobs look easy.  I have had the extreme pleasure of working with her on several occasions. 

Janet holds the attention and respect of a room of people like I've never seen before.  She manages the journey of building new knowledge and skills with a combination of powerful strategies that everyone responds positively to. These include probing question and answer sessions which break down potential barriers and debunk myths and practical interactive activities which build awareness, knowledge and skills.  All participants were fully engaged, learned loads and were able to demonstration instant application, perfect for reinforcement and confidence building.

As well as being highly organised and passionately motivated, Janet invests herself in everyone she meets. I cannot recommend her highly enough."  Penny Williams - Orchadia Solutions


"I have worked with and respected Janet for many years – she is a hugely talented lady that has an enormous thirst for development which is both inspiring and infectious to others.
Janet has a passion to ensure both individuals, and business, achieve their maximum potential and has demonstrated this successfully through many projects I have had the pleasure of working with her on. Her solutions are always well considered, tailoring interventions to meet the needs and ambitions of her customer. Her pragmatic and results focused approach means the learner always has tangible evidence of the progress that they are making with their development, and towards their desired goal. Her patience and understanding ensure that even the most difficult obstacles are overcome.
I would highly recommend Janet’s services to any person or business looking to develop themselves for the future." MF - London


"Janet increased trading by 200% by identifying gaps within sales and the operational structure." Rashda Ali - Comvita UK 


"Absolutley professional, enthusiastic, attentive to our needs and totally reliable"  Elena Choquet, Directrice Pédagogique - Estice International Business School - Espas Tecobio Commerce et Sciences. Lille, France

"I first started work with Janet in preparation for my very first formal job interview.  I had no idea what to expect and before our session, believe I would really have struggled without the awareness Janet gave me.

She probed me with questions that initially I had no clue of the answers, however through further discussions she opened my mind to aspects of the role that I had not considered. By the end of our interview practise together I felt prepared and could visualise myself within the role, therefore feeling confident I would excel in my interview. She also allowed me to assess my various strengths that I needed to portray to the panel as well as my weaker areas that I could seek to improve in time for the interview.

Fortunately Janet’s expert training paid off and I got the role I wanted, the interview panel impressed at the way I came across. I must say however that the training from Janet will remain a part of my preparation for any future interview. Preparation really is the key and Janet’s expert planning and guidance was so valuable to my future development and career." Charlotte Leng, Worthing 

"Janet, I appreciate your ability to be present with the group (with body, mind & heart connection, which was important to me) and especially in the exercises we were often at a great flow level. You were able to bring a create climate of trust into the group. It felt that it was safe for the group to be themselves and work own challenges quite deeply. The NLP Practitioner certification course was as wonderful journey for me, it motivated and inspired me to adventure boldly for the rest of my life. The material was a very good and the exercises were easy to understand. Thankful also for all demos, music and videos! I recommend your style of teaching and coaching with my Big Heart!" Annukka - Finland

"I had the priviledge of participating in NLP-Practitioner training where Janet was the trainer. Janet is such a skilled, caring and passionate trainer. She lives and breaths NLP and takes NLP to such an interesting and deep level that before hand I wasn't expecting NLP to go. During training I also got the opportunity to be coached my Janet and made wonderful insights about myself and was able to make great shifts that took me further in my personal and professional life. I am deeply grateful for Janet's kind and insightful coaching. Janet has the ability to gently help and support people make discoveries of themselves and to grow to another level. Janet became my role model as the kind of coach I wish to be. I am so grateful I got to become a NLP-Practitioner under Janet's training. I found training so beneficial and useful both to my personal growth and to my professional growth as a coach. I highly recommend Janet as a trainer and as a coach based on my personal experiences." Kata  - Finland


"Janet was my NLP Practitioner Trainer for a group of Expatriates and Internationals from spring to autumn 2018 in Helsinki. I have been impressed with the passion and energy that Janet had every time she came to Helsinki for an extended weekend of NLP training. Having studied Personal & Business Coaching myself and been working as a business coach at a major international company headquartered in Finland for several years, I learned so much from Janet about the NLP pre-suppositions, about creating rapport, meditation, visualisation, logic levels, reframing etc. She consistently delivered these trainings in a professional and very inspiring way. Janet kept the motivation high in the team, she challenged and supported us throughout our NLP journey until the final assessment, where again we learnt so much. Thank you Janet for coming to Finland! " - Ludger - Finland


"I took an NLP course in Finland with Janet as trainer. It was truly amazing! How she put her personality through in the course, and made everybody feel safe. She can make wonders and help people grow in just short time. The practicies with her, moved people, and her professionalism and years of experience was clear to everybody. She is a person you can always count on, and she is genuine towards everything she does. She and the True Hearts team brought laughter and dancing (=letting go), back into my life, and I will think back of the time with Janet with great confidence and happiness. My warmest recommendation to join a course with Janet - you will not regret it!" - Anne -Finland

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