S Bailey - 23/03/2017

‘Janet is an amazing coach with a wealth of experience and a gentle, reassuring style that evidences her empathy, compassion and warmth.  I was privileged to have Janet as my group leader for two modules of the Generative Coaching programme run by Steve Gilligan and Robert Dilts in 2015-16.  What I most valued about Janet was her capacity to be fully with me in my learning journey – walking side by side with me and partnering with me in my  exploration and growth as well as providing encouragement and gentle challenge.  By her commitment and dedication to the role of team leader and her diligence in offering respectful observations on the practical and written course components, she created a climate of safety and acceptance that is seldom experienced in large group programmes.  

I felt personally respected, supported, ‘held’, affirmed and inspired to experience Generative Coaching at its most compelling by Janet’s skilled interventions.  Janet also has a delightful sense of humour that ensures that deep thinking is balanced by plenty of lightness, laughter and enjoyment.  Would I recommend Janet as a course group leader?  Absolutely – I have not had better support on a course ever – her style and input ensured an excellent  programme became an outstanding personal learning experience.’  Sheena Bailey

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