S. Marshall - 23/12/2015

"I've been fortunate enough to work with Janet previously; she is very personable, professional and patient. I found her coaching skills very effective and hadn't realised it was based on NLP so became curious to know more and explore how NLP works.

Learning the basics of NLP toolkit was easy and totally made sense; Janet tailors the sessions to get maximum coverage and relativity. The weekly sessions helped keep momentum and the homework gave a sense of embedding and continuity. I found it very easy to apply to all areas of my life and I love the idea of being 'curious' which is Janet's main mantra, "be curious".

Moving forward, I will definitley continue using NLP in the work place and would like to improve my skills further; there are many layers to the programme and just touching on them has shown me the benefits of a different way of thinking and relating to others.

Thank you Janet, a very good coach and lovely person to spend time with"

Private NLP Learning Programme

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