Charlotte Leng, Worthing - 13/09/2012

"I first started work with Janet in preparation for my very first formal job interview.  I had no idea what to expect and before our session, believe I would really have struggled without the awareness Janet gave me.

She probed me with questions that initially I had no clue of the answers, however through further discussions she opened my mind to aspects of the role that I had not considered. By the end of our interview practise together I felt prepared and could visualise myself within the role, therefore feeling confident I would excel in my interview. She also allowed me to assess my various strengths that I needed to portray to the panel as well as my weaker areas that I could seek to improve in time for the interview.

Fortunately Janet’s expert training paid off and I got the role I wanted, the interview panel impressed at the way I came across. I must say however that the training from Janet will remain a part of my preparation for any future interview. Preparation really is the key and Janet’s expert planning and guidance was so valuable to my future development and career."

Charlotte Leng, Worthing

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