NLP For You

You may be one of the many people who are interested in finding out what NLP has to offer as part of your own journey of self-development.

You may have already identified blockages in your thinking that hold you back from being the very best you can or you may be making decisions based on outdated values and beliefs.

You may just want to know what all the fuss is about!

Whatever your reason (and you don't really need one) a 1 or 3 day course will give you an insight into how, as humans we are already programmed by our experiences in life and better still you can learn techniques that will help you change these programmes if you choose to.

I offer open courses twice a year in the UK but can also come to your region if you have a group of people who would like to learn in their own environment.  

Course Content

  • What is NLP? 
  • Being even better at what you do naturally 
  • A quick history of NLP 
  • Discovering our programmes and scripts
  • Establishing rapport for better communication?
  • Information processing through our senses (Representation Systems)
  • Our world through submodalities
  • Calibration and Pacing and Leading
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Working with the Logical Levels
  • A better understanding of moments of conflict and opinion


Private 1-2-1 NLP Learning Programme

If time is a constraint for you  and attending an open course is difficult to fit into your schedule, you might like to consider learning the basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming in a programme that consists of a 1 hour private lesson each week for 6 weeks.

During this time you will not only learn the basics but will be able to tailor your learning to your own specific situations and examples.


What is NLP?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming as it was originally called was founded in the '70's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Studying transcripts from highly effective therapists such as Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir, they discovered the behavioural and speech patterns that were being highlighted during therie client sessions could have substantial benefits to people from all walks of life and not just those who were were in therapy.

So began the work that has had a major impact on the excellent performance of many companies and individuals and which is now in its third generation of development with 'Modelling Excellence' at the root of its teachings.

Excitingly, progress in modern neuroscience now supports the original and continuing discoveries around NLP and together with the work of Milton Erickson, Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier and Stephen Gilligan et al, models and processes are being used around the workd by individuals and organisations to help develop excellence in self-awareness, state management, communication, relationships and perfomance. 

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