Why would I need Executive Coaching?


You may be working at Senior Level in an organsation or you might be running your own company.

Coaching differs from Consultancy and Mentoring in that the skilled coach will guide you to set outcomes and goals and help you explore different areas including conflict, assumptions, blockages, seemingly unachieveable goals and many other concepts.

Throughout the work you do with your coach you will be encouraged to reflect from different perspectives and reach your own conclusions which will strengthen your decision making.

At no time will your coach give you advice or tell you what you should or should not be doing. They will respect you time, your silence and your thoughts and through skilful questioning will help you to discover your own answers and develop you own forward actions.

Coaching provides a confidential and non-judgemental thinking space for you to work creatively with issues, challenges and bold new ideas.

Clients' feedback confirms the real benefits of being allowed 'just to talk and be listened to'. No arguments, no other opinions, no other noise in your thoughts other than what you create.

Whether you are a Global Leader or the the owner of a small or medium business, you still deserve time to gather your thoughts, ideas and any concerns and work with them to develop positive outcomes.


Why would I need Leadership Mentoring?


Wouldn't it be wonderful if the complete transition to leadership could be made without any hesitations, doubts, confusion, mistakes or errors of judgement?

The more strategic your role, the further removed you are likely to become from the people whose opinions and knowledge you have previously valued.

Mentoring provides a longer term relationship based on 2 way input, trust and respect. The mentor is likely to have been in a similar role and can share thoughts, advice, networking opportunities and role support. They will also have experienced their own developmental journey and understand the benefits. 

Imagine yourself on a journey and meeting someone who has travelled the road before you. They can point out a choice of safe routes, signpost you to resources, highlight what may be on the other side of the hill and with that information let you make your own decisions about your way forward...

Learn new things from and with another mentor - someone who has your development and best interests as their main focus.


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