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Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring


Complimentary Personal Development Strategy Consultation

Arrange a 60 minutes to discuss your personal development requirements in a one-to-one confidential session.
In person or by Skype or Telephone

360 Assessment

A 360 degree questionnaire can deliver real insights into your present strengths as well as opportunities to develop.

Asking for feedback from your team, colleagues and management can seem like a difficult thing to do and that is why using a specially designed feedback tool is so beneficial.  

If you are planning to invest in a professional development programme for yourself or your team then having honest feedback set out in a clear and manageable report can be the springboard from which to launch your future.

Once I have organised this for you, a feedback questionnaire will be e-mailed to your chosen individuals and at the same time you will receive your own self-appraisal questionnaire. The feedback is identified by group only and will build a picture of areas of strength and  areas for discovery.

As your coach, I will work with you to understand and align the results of your questionnaire with the feedback results. There may be surprises, new insights and usually exciting and pleasing acknowledgements that you are succeeding in your role.    

To find out more about the 360 feedback process contact me on +44 (0)7920 004639 or


Next Level VIP Day

Making the time to develop your vision, mission, strategy for you and your business. 

09.30 - 16.30 
From £950 - £1200 (ex VAT) to include morning coffee, light lunch and afternoon tea
Travel costs may be additional


When you are making high level decisions within your organisation and need and deserve time and space to think and plan clearly there is a valuable option you can take.
By booking your Next Level VIP Day, you will be planning to spend 4 creative one-to-one sessions working together with your coach to explore issues, goals, significant challenges, ideas and dreams.  
At the end of your day, you will leave your inspirational thinking space with clarity, energy and direction and new thinking skills and a well developed action plan  
The Thinking Executive Programme

The programme can be added to follow your Next Level VIP Day or it can be booked without the Next Level VIP Day

1 hour monthly coaching sessions over the period of six months
For prices please contact me on +44 (0)7920 004639
As you constantly scan the environment, making decisions and planning for the future, your internal mental processing system can go into overload and sometimes it's really hard to see 'the wood for the trees'.
Here are just a few metaphors that we use to verbalise the patterns that go round in our head.
Do you ever wish for some time when you could stop to think clearly for a while? Do you find yourself sitting staring into space for a time or find a reason to take a quick walk along the corridor to get a different viewpoint?
The Thinking Executive Programme gives you just that. This programme can be linked to pick up where your VIP day finished and will consist a 1 hour session each month with me as your coach.
We will develop a programme that will support your needs, strengths, opporutnities and develop your hidden resources.
During the course of the programme your I will work with you to evaluate your needs and ensure the coaching sessions continue to fulfil your requirements and give value.  
Leadership Mentoring

Working with you in a two way learning relationship to tap into knowledge, experience and relevant networking opportunities.
Leaders open doors to dynamic opportunities and when you are in the role, it can often seem a lonely place to be. Where do you go to gain strategic knowledge, experience and advice? Who do you trust to bounce ideas off and walk the job with you?
As your mentor, I will support you to develop your role and career, introduce you to new perspectives and concepts, tools and techniques different based on  their experience as well as encouraging you to seek out and meet new and relevant contacts.
Throughout the relationship we will evaluate your requirements and satisfaction together to ensure that mentoring remains the best method of development for you.    
For prices and programmes please contact me on +44 (0)7920 004639    





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