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Facilitation and Transformation through Coaching, Mentoring, Supervision and Training


Continual development, whether it's your own, that of your team or your business is exciting, dynamic and also very necessary when you plan to focus on progress and success

No-one can afford to stand still for long and whether you are trying to identify your own strengths and opportunities or you are looking to support and develop your people and your business, I am here to support you.

What matters to you, matters to me and through my development services, you can be assured that you will always have my commitment to help you achieve.

Any investment you make into development will deliver a return, both financial and through improved communication, relationships and performance. Continuing evaluation of your coaching, training and mentoring programmes is key to understanding positive impact on growth.

Through effective communication, I build a sustainable relationship with you by getting to know you, listening to you and fully understanding your needs and requirements.

Working together we will develop a structured programme that supports and empowers you on your journey.    



My Values

Janet Woodjetts

Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Honesty, Confidentiality, Quality and Flexibilty  


Over many years, I have developed a very strong and supportive coaching style and work from the basepoint that every person holds the key to their own successful performance and future.

As an qualified Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, certified NLP Master Practitioner and certified NLP Trainer and Consultant, I have the pleasure and priviledge of working with people in a way that helps them identify their own potential and guides them to develop a strategy that will help them move forward in an exciting and exhilarating way.

I am fortunate to have been trained by some of the most experienced people in their field, including Robbie Steinhouse, Robert Dilts, Judith de Lozier, Shelle Rose Charvet and Stephen Gilligan.  

Additionally, I am an accredited coach with the CPD Standards Office which means that any coaching programmes you undertake with me can count towards your Continuing Professional Development hours for which a certificate will be issued.

"we all have points in our lives where we become 'stuck' and just can't see the many opportunities around us. Being coached can help us take a look at our situation from different angles and in doing that we suddenly see a new range of solutions and possibilities"    

Client Case Study Part 1


Contact me now for further information at or call + 44 (0)7920 004639

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Janet's photo by Juha Asunmaa, Helsinki, Finland

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